Mark Zimmerman  

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One Place - Buskala Creek

acrylic on canvas
36" x 54"

This work is from a series, “1 Place, 2 ways x 10” that Mark and his wife, artist Mary Wipf, have undertaken.  One place, in this case Buskala Creek, was explored, and then each artist responded to the place and hike in their own way.  Ten places have been chosen for this ongoing project, which includes artworks, artifacts, black & white photos, and journal entries.  A profusion of 52 species of spring blooms folded into the recesses of Buskala Creek under wiping winds, bright sun and scooting cotton clouds, the tumbling waters talking softly, the earth’s strata rising as ridges and supporting the walker, and the exuberance of spring informed the creation of this work.


 Green Ink Gallery and Studios