Mark Zimmerman  

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Red Butte – Yellow Moon – Blue night

Badlands – Winter – Dawn

Silver Sage – Red Butte

Orange Plains – Gold Plains

Easter Rock – Orange Plains

Simple Places – Hill

Bear Butte – Red Ridge

Harney Range – Autumn Electric

Badlands Thistle

Red Sun - Blue Moon - Black Hills

Breeze & Light on Ranges

Golden Grasses - Dark Skies

Red Ridge Line

One Cloud in Sunshine

Inyan in Sun & Space

East River - West River
Green Thumbs on Red Hearts

Scatter-Scape w/Cumulus

Gold Butte - Gray Sky

Light Pours

Skies Moving Beyond Ridges

Red Section Sunset


Harney Peak
- the Core

Red Ridge Rising


Autumn Storm

Recollection – Sunrise Buttes – H. C.

Review - Harding County - Cave Hills

Refragmentation - Pink Plains with
Yellow & Green


Refragmentation -  High  Plains in Yellow & Red


Reassembly - Red Heart of West River

Replication Ridge Rhythms

Cloud Bank - West River Spring


Replication: Little Grand River  H. C. Sunset

Refill - Harding County Stock Pond

Recompilation - Silver Peak

Buck Mountain and Icy Mists


Refraction: Harding Co. Skies & Ridges

One Place - Hell Canyon

One Place - Buskala Creek

Dreamscape Boxed II